Friday, February 15, 2013

An Amazing Moment

From Mass on Ash Wednesday.

This long ovation was only ended by our Holy Father, himself, who wanted the faithful gathered at St. Peter's to return back to a spirit of prayer. In many ways this encapsulates the entire career of Benedict XVI. For him, as it should be for all of us, it is all about the Lord Jesus! Pope Benedict knows this with every fiber of his being, and has been trying to communicate this fundamental truth to us, both in his writings and actions. He will be missed! May our Heavenly Father richly bless Pope Benedict XVI!


Anonymous said...

I think that its only in years to come that Pope Benedicts greatness will be fully recognized.

His Pontificate has been during a difficult time for the Church, But Benedict has given us a example of what living the Gospel means. And leaves a feeling of hope for the future.

My Our Lord Bless Pope Benedict and give him many years of happy retirement.

John Blake.

Biblical Catholic said...

Seems odd that they would applaud him given how frequently he has spoken out against applause at Mass.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Tim.