Friday, December 10, 2010

Revised Grail Psalms Pre-Order

Yes, you can now pre-order the Revised Grail Psalms. These will be the new Psalms used in the Mass in the United States, and conceivably in the future revision of the Liturgy of the Hours. I pre-ordered mine last night and look forward to sharing my thoughts about it with you sometime in January. Thank you to reader Sharon for the link!


Anonymous said...

Is there a website where we can sample the new translation - any examples escaped into the wild?

Timothy said...

The site I linked to does have a sample portion from Psalm 1.

Francesco said...

This looks good! I've got the singing version of the old Grail, and I look forward to getting the singing version to the new one.

If I understand what the website is saying, all the Psalms should be online by January 3, 2011.

Timothy: Did you order the study edition or the singing edition?

Timothy said...

I got the study edition.