Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Contest 2 Winner

Well, this one was actually really tough to decide, since all of the entries were good. I actually conferred with my wife on this and we both agreed that this entry by Diakonos was the best:

NABRE: Can You Read Me Now?

So, Diakonos, please email me, at mccorm45 (at) yahoo (dot) com, with your name and address and I will get the prize out to you.

Again, great job by all who participated! I really enjoyed reading your submissions. Stay tuned, since I may do one more contest soon!

1 comment:

Diakonos said...

Thanks, Tim. I agree there were manu good entries.

In accepting this award I would like to thank my parents who helped make me into a media child attentive to every TV commericial; to the good folks at Verizon who get kudos of an indoctrination job well done, and for the translators of the NAB without whom yet another revision would not have been necessary...I have to stop...getting too emotional here (LOL)....

Can't wait for the next contest...