Thursday, August 19, 2010

My High School's New Theology Curriculum

I am very excited to get started on this new curriculum in the coming weeks!


Diakonos said...

I cant get the video to play but I can see the still of Dr Hahn so I am GUESSING that you are about to use the Didache Series. Yes it is very good in content but very poor in pedagogy.

I have been in theological or catechetical education for many years and so have several friends and co-workers. One group was ecstatic to get the Didache Series implemented....and then couldn't wait until budget allowed them to change series. I just got word on the same from a friend who teaches in a diocesan high school in Washington. They have it and the teachers, while loving the content, dislike the pedagogy and feel it is meant more for a freshmen/college text.

Is this IS the series you are speaking of then can't wait to hear your take on it at the end of the year.

Timothy said...


Certianly after a few months of everyday use I will be able to more precisely address this new series, particularly in reference to it's pedagogy. However, I have already found the content to be vastly superior to the curriculum used last year as well as others I have seen. I also find the teachers manual to be well laid-out and containing plenty of activities and questions.

Perhaps the issue is the new USCCB curriculum standards for high school?

Diakonos said...

I really do not know. I have only borrowed it and flipped through it myself. But a friend (priest) who teaches from it and another teacher I know while LOVING the content both thought it to be geared toward college in pedagogy. They never mentioned anything about the new standards.

Kevin Sam said...

I don't know any about the series but I just want to comment that Scott Hahn is an amazing theology teacher. I heard him teach through a series of CDs.