Monday, March 29, 2010

Holy Week 2010


rolf said...

I watched the Palm Sunday Mass from the Vatican on EWTN. The first reading was from the Prophet Isaiah, it was the only reading in English and I was a little suprised to find that it was taken from the NAB. But I guess the Vatican does have the NAB on their website. Just info.

Timothy said...


yes I noticed that too. Also, the woman who read it is a friend of mine and my wife. She actually read during our wedding back in September.

Anonymous said...

Timothy & Others:

In regards to the NAB Revised
Edition, will the NABRE include
some of the English changes that are soon coming to the liturgy?
As I believe I've read here, the
Lectionary scripture readings
will not be replaced with NABRE scriptures, but will the NABRE
and Lectionary line up (be in agreement with each other in some instances)with the soon coming liturgical changes. If possible, it would be nice to see
a little more symmetry between
the two. I would guess the NABRE
committee would have examined the
liturgical changes to come to see if they were appropriate for the
NABRE in some instances. Any thoughts?

God Bless & Happy Holy Week and Easter to All!!

Timothy said...


I will look over the posts regarding the NABRE, particularly the responses by Mary Elizabeth Sperry of the USCCB, but my guess would be no. The current NAB NT will be published with the revision.