Thursday, August 6, 2009

Catholic Bibles Blog Contest

Inspired by the vision and generosity of such bloggers as Esteban, my fellow Michigander, I have decided to have my own little contest. Why? Well, why not! I really don't have any major reason for doing this, perhaps other than to publicize the blog a bit more. ;)

So, what is the prize? Well, for this first contest the winner will receive a copy of the newly released The Life with God Bible published by HarperBibles. It's compact, uses the NRSV, comes without the Deuterocanonicals (oops on my part), and is in paperback! Sweet huh? Well, to compensate for the lack of Deuterocanonical books, I will also include in this contest a copy of Fr. Benedict Groeschel's God and Us: Reflections on the Apostles Creed. The shipping and handling cost will be $30.00, payable to me by way of a money order. Actually no, just kidding, the shipping is free!

Contest Rules:
1) Announce this contest on your blog, with a link to this site.

2) Answer the following questions in the comment section of this post:

***Who was the Pope on the day that I was born? (When I mean Pope, I am talking about the guy at the Vatican, not some fellow who was elected by his friends and lives with his mom somewhere in Iowa.)

***According to Catholic theology is Jesus a fully human person? Yes or No (no explanation needed)

***Pick a number between 1-100 (tie-breaker)

3) The contest goes until 11:59PM on Sunday. Whoever gets the answers correct and fulfills all of the contest requirements will be the winner. Friends and family are not eligible. I will only ship items to North American locations. Winner will be announced on Monday.

Update: Winner announced in comments!


RAKSTAR said...

Iowa, huh? Random choice of states that would house a self-proclaimed pope?

Timothy said...

Purely random! :)

Anonymous said...

Any hints about your age?

Okay, well I'll just take a stab at it:

I'm thinking JPI, just because the odds are slim.

Yes, Jesus is fully human.

And the number I pick is 52.

St Edwards Blog said...

Hi Timothy - nice to meet you. Missy directed me here and I will have a linked post up by the morning at The Parish Blog of St. Edward the Confessor.

Let's see:

Pope John Paul II



Let's see what happens!

St Edwards Blog said...

OK, it is posted!


Cris said...

Hi Timothy. Best of luck to you at the Archdiocese of Detroit! Have you seen the Saint Mary's Press Catholic Youth Bible, Revised in either NAB or NRSV? I would love to send you one. Drop me an email directly if you would like one or visit us at and you can link to me from their also. Thanks!

Timothy said...

Although no one got the correct answer, the tie breaker goes to Fran at St. Edwards Blog. So Fran, if you would send me an email with your address, I will get the prize out to you this week. Email: mccorm45 (at)

By the way, here are the answers to the two questions:

1)I was born in February of 1978, thus Paul VI was Pope.

2)While Jesus is fully human, he is not a fully human person. Rather, he is a divine person, with a human nature.

Timothy said...

3) oh yeah, the number was 4!

St Edwards Blog said...

Wow - what a surprise!

An email will follow with details, thank you!


Anonymous said...

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