Wednesday, January 3, 2018

With Epiphany Approaching


Anonymous said...

Nice vid. I've never heard of Dwight Longenecker. He sounds like someone I'd like to hear more from.

I don't know if it was intentionally humorous or not, but one thing I like about the bible text is how these foreigners came to visit the newly birthed King of the Jews, and Herod and his scholars (Herod was especially keen on trying to befriend and act like a Jew at one time.. hence his temple building) didn't even know about the prophecies. The foreigners did though. Then Herod plays the fool and tells the Magi to keep him updated, so he can go worship the King of the Jews himself. Of course, if it was humorous, it soon stopped being so right afterwards.

CWBuckley said...

It's a terrific book and well worth a read.

He makes and supports a compelling case that the story of the magi could have been a recorded memory of an actual visit by "wise men from the east," whom he identifies as likely being Nabataeans.

Equally interesting is his case for Second Isaiah (Is 40-55) being the product of Jewish exiles living in Arabia, rather than Babylon.

Check it out at your local library, i fyou can't buy a copy of your own.