Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Couple New Items

Thank you to Michael and Dr. von Peters for letting me know about the following two items:

The Catholic Youth Bible 4th Edition from St. Mary's Press.  It will be available in both the NABRE and NRSV translations.

What is new?
The completely refreshed Catholic Youth Bible®, beautifully illustrated in living color!

Create a Lived Faith:
We know that faith means little unless it is lived, so these Challenge features charge youth to bring the Scriptures to life through specific, suggested actions!

Interact with Scripture:
In Scripture Highlights, encouraging verses are featured to offer an opportunity to reflect and are designed so youth can color them!

Nourish Relationships:
The Searching for God features offer reflections and prayers that focus specifically on aspects of our relationship with God, and the Who Is My Neighbor? features focus on our relationship and responsibility to others as a Christian community.

Explore the Bible:
Young people can explore the scripture easily with themed Reading Plans, as well as When I'm Feeling verses that help youth explore what the Bible might say to them about their own life experiences and feelings.

Navigate with Confidence:
Easy-to-use navigation enables faster Scripture reading for youth at all levels of Biblical knowledge


Dr. von Peter's alerted me that he's finally gotten the REAL Douay Old Testament Red Letter download available.  You can find it here for download.  

Christmas Special, only good until Feast of the Magi, and then the price will return to the normal price of $79.95. NOTE: This is for the download version only, and not with CD, at the low price of $59.95.

For more on the REAL Douay-Rheims Bible, you can see my interview and review here.

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Anonymous said...

We own a previous edition of this Study Bible. It has wonderful and helpful colored timelines, maps, art, and sidebars. It is well-made and easy to read and handle. Those are its strengths. Its weaknesses are the typical NAB introductions and footnotes which often confuse young readers instead of instruct them in accordance with the faith and Church Tradition. Just one example is in the introduction to Daniel, where it states that "many scholars question if Daniel was an actual figure." Well, our Lord certainly DID consider Daniel to be not only an actual figure, but a great prophet. But apparently the views of modern scholarship carry more weight than the words of Jesus. This Study Bible could be a 5-star product in the hands of a more traditional publisher, but as it stands it is average.