Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Thinking About Advent Yet?

I am happy to announce that my wife and I have published an Advent devotional through ACTA Publications.  Entitled Expectantly Waiting in Wonder, this 32 page devotional contains excerpts from the daily Mass readings for Advent, reflections, illustrations, and suggestions for action.  Each day's suggestion for action provides an invitation to enter into the wondrous love of a God, who chose to become one of us and "moved into the neighborhood (Jn 1:14)."  We have also made sure to provide space each day for journaling and reflecting. Original illustrations were created by my wife and connects to the Sunday and Holy Day readings found during the Advent season.  All of the daily reflections are taken from The Message: Catholic/Ecumencial Edition.

This was a lot of fun to work on, particularly since it was a joint project with my amazingly talented wife.  (More information about her work can be found on her Instagram page.)  Using The Message made the process a lot more interesting, since its renderings are often much more direct and challenging.  I have come to appreciate it a lot more after writing this devotional, even when I don't always agree with a particular rendering.  

So, if you are interested in picking up something for Advent that will be very different, consider giving this a try.  It cost a whopping .99 cents per copy, with an even greater discount if you buy it in bulk.  If you have ever considered supporting this blog, this would also be a great way to do it.  

We recently finished the Lenten counterpart to this one, so look for that in January.  I'll have more information about this in the coming months, as well as a giveaway or two.  

Thanks for your support.


Diakonos said...

Congrats! Now that I know you & the Mrs. wrote it I'll get one for all of my kids as well.

Unknown said...

A published author....fancy!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of this being sold on amazon?

Timothy said...

I am not certain that it will be on Amazon