Monday, March 6, 2017

A Reader is Selling an NLT-CE

Keith has been a reader of the Catholic Bibles Blog for a while and he contacted me to see if I would post his EBAY sale of the recently published NLT-CE.  I am happy to do so, since there are a number of folks who are looking to get a copy before the official USA publication occurs later this year.  

Here is the link to the sale.  

The specs:
Hardback, with a white ribbon marker
Anglicised text
Size: 22 x 14cm
Colour: Blue & Tan
ISBN: 9788170867180
Illustrations by Nicole Kaufman


Biblical Catholic said...

I am okay with waiting until it is officially published. It's not like this is a new Star Wars movie or something that I would be really excited for and have to have on day 1.

Jerry Mc Kenna said...

I looked at this one last night and noticed that it had sold.

Biblical Catholic said...

If I was going to buy a Bible on eBay I would get the original two-volume hardcover 1966 edition of the Jerusalem Bible, with full notes. I saw that in a used bookstore once for only $10 a volume, I'm still kicking myself for not picking it up.

I understand the reason why they published the 'reader's edition' was because the full version is rather spendy, but I don't understand why they let the full version go out of print approximately 5 minutes after the Reader's Edition came out. The translation by itself is okay, but 99% of the reason why anyone might want a Jerusalem Bible is for the notes.

JDH said...

I'm right there with you, Biblical Catholic. The JB is like a big hole in my Bible collection, but I don't want the Reader's Edition. I want the notes!

Biblical Catholic said...

the Jerusalem and New Jerusalem Bibles are more good examples of Bibles that could really benefit from being allowed to enter the public domain. They don't sell enough copies of either to justify the cost of trying to revive either of them, it probably wouldn't even be cost efficient to release the notes in an e-book, but if they entered the public domain, then someone out there would be able to go through the trouble of getting the full notes and translation of both version into electronic format and make them available as high-quality e-books. After all, it's not like the sales are ever going to pick up, the Jerusalem Bible is 50 years old, and the New Jerusalem is 30 years old, they have gone through their sales cycles.

JDH said...

Last summer, I was in Singapore and visited a Catholic bookstore next to a big parish. They had a number of JB's (they use the JB-based Lectionary in Singapore), but the ones I saw were Reader's Editions. Nothing particularly nice either.