Thursday, June 11, 2015

Info on Large-Print RSV's

Thanks to reader Keith for providing this info:

With my aging eyes, I decided that I really needed to obtain a large print Bible and decided to go with the RSV-CE Large Print.  The Oxford bonded leather 9780195288728 is apparently OOP, but I thought the Ignatius bonded leather 9781586172855 was the same thing but bound by Ignatius, and I also had the suspicion that the Scepter bonded leather 9781594170768 was the same thing bound by Scepter.

I ordered the Scepter ISBN from an Amazon seller (best price--like $10 less than the Ignatius) and when it arrived, I discovered that while the box was almost identical to the Oxford box, just printed with Scepter imprint, the actual Bible in the box was not bound by Scepter at all--it was the Oxford, imprinted Oxford, just sold in a Scepter box.  A pleasant surprise.


rolf said...

I have the Ignatius Press version of this Bible but I have been waiting since 2006 for a RSV-2CE large print Bible, but I realize now that will probably never happen.

Dominic1752 said...

There are conflicting reports that an RSV-2CE in large print is due this autumn, by spring of next, and no present plans at this time. ;)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget:


Mark in Spokane said...

For larger print Bibles (not giant or really large print but basically larger sized type), I like the St. Joseph Edition of the New American Bible (RE) by Catholic Bible Publishing Co. I also like the print size on my Oxford Study Bible New English Bible with Apocrypha (those are my two main Bibles right now). FWIW.