Thursday, June 13, 2013

Knox Rebound: The Finished Product

Yesterday, my rebound Baronius Press Knox Bible arrived. As I mentioned in my initial post about this project, the leather hardcover that the Knox Bible comes in is very good.  However, I really wanted to send it off to Leonard's in order that it be covered in premium leather.  So, below are a series of photos of my newly rebound Knox Bible.  Leonard's was great to work with over the past month.  Any question I emailed to them was answered within a couple of hours.  I will likely post some additional photos in the coming days, along with alerting you as to how the Bible is holding up to daily use over the coming months.

The Bible was tightly wrapped and sent via USPS Priority Mail

The Bible was rebound in dark brown goatskin leather

Blind stamping on spine and bottom right of front cover

Very flexible goatskin, with the addition of three brown bookmarks 

The Bible opens up flat on any page, from Genesis to the Apocalypse


  1. Looks great, Tim.

    I have to ask, though: is 'Holy Bible' on the spine off-centered?

  2. It's centered. I think the angle of the photo makes it look off centered.


    Some unsolicited comments on blind stamping. The goatskin is so soft, the stamped letters are not as "crisp" looking as they are in calfskin.

    You will enjoy that rebind for years and years, Tim.

  4. I'd like to request some photos:

    * photos of the lining
    * photos of the end papers
    * photos showing the end papers connected to the text block
    * photos of the corners on the inside of the covers
    * photos of the stitching on the leather covers

    Close-up photos would be especially appreciated.

    Also, if you are willing to share the information, I'd like to know how much you paid for rebinding.


  5. Theophrastus,

    Send me an email and I'll let you know how much I paid. I'll also put some additional, more close-up, photos up once I get some time in the next day or so.

  6. Again, beautiful job! Glad to hear that everything was centered on the spine.

    I love the elegance of a single-column setting in a premium leather. J. Mark Bertrand's rebind of the ESV Clarion resulted in a stunning Bible, I think. The only way that I'll get another Bible rebound is if it's a single-column NRSV or CEB. Both would have to be smyth sewn from the manufacturer, though, as I would not want to pay $20 to have Leonard's secure the spine. So, being that neither of these editions will meet both of these criteria anytime in the near future, I suppose that I have some spare cash!

  7. So, Tim,

    What do you think of your "new" Bible? Was it all that you expected it to be?

    I know, it is what is on the inside that really matters most... but now that the outside is really fancy, I was wondering if you were planning on getting a leather book cover to protect it. There are some really good ones by Dicksons on Christianbook. I even have a leather case for my imitation leather Christian Prayer book (CBPC). I know it is pretty cheap-looking compared to the goatskinned beauty you have, but I love it just the same! I don't know if you have ever got a prayerbook or Bible caught in a drizzle, but when the edges get wet it just isn't ever the same again!

    Happy reading to you, Tim! :)

    1. Jonny,

      I am extremely happy with my rebound Knox. I feel like the quality page layout, the gold edges, and the high quality binding are a perfect compliment to the goatskin cover. It is a true joy to read from. So, absolutely no regrets.

  8. Very nice, Tim. Did Leonard's provide you with any care instructions? I'd love to know what the readers of this blog use to 'feed' their leather Bibles.

    1. They encourage actually reading from the Bible that you get rebound mostly. The natural oil from your hand should keep it in good condition. The worst thing, they say, is either leaving it in your car or up on a bookshelf never to be used.

  9. Colleague,

    If you ever wanted to sell your rebound NABRE, I'd be happy to make a contribution to your next rebinding project! That blue leather cover is pretty! :)

  10. "Colleague" mentioned he would be interested in a rebound NRSV with the text in single column. I have one (not selling mine, just offering a similar path to take). It's based on an Oxford NRSV Notetaker's Bible, which has the text in a wonderful single column setting. It has extra-wide margins with lines for writing notes. The original book was a hardcover, and that has been replaced with a fairly simple "genuine leather" (most likely pigskin). If you don't like the wide margins and ruled lines for notes, you could ask the bindery to chop off those margins without losing anything because fortunately all of the printed text is within the single column - none of it extends into the margin areas like some other note taker Bibles do.

    Here's a like to a review of the hardcover with some photos.

  11. I have a "Premium Bible" story that might be of interest.

    Earlier this year I was searching for a copy of the 1895 Revised Version with "apocrypha" for my collection. The end of that story was that I ordered 3 Bibles from Amazon, and none of them were what I was looking for. The first one was an edited Challoner New Testament reprint. The second one was the RV, but the size of a family Bible and lacking the Deutrocanonical books. The third one was a genuine leather Cambridge Authorized Version from 1965, and is the one that may be of interest to premium Bible owners.

    This Cambridge Bible is so strange to me; I’ve got to give you a few more details. It is a KJV with Apocrypha (no notes or references), wrapped in blue leather with the classic Cambridge "Holy Bible" gold stamping on top and gold details surrounding the inside cover borders. The really strange part is the 32 full color painting inserts. There is even a one depicting Tobias and his dog walking with the angel Raphael!

    But back to my point. This particular Bible is 48 years old, and looks to have been used extensively, but also well taken care of. The leather is still pliable, although the corners are a little stiff. There are absolutely no cracks on the cover, not even at the bends. I did apply some mink oil on it (the same kind I use to keep my expensive leather boots from drying out.) The cover seems to have absorbed it and gotten a little softer. For as old of a book as it is, it really looks fantastic!

    Hope this is reassuring news to anyone who may have purchased a premium leather Bible recently! :)

  12. Tim,

    Sure, I'm willing to part with the rebound NABRE. I have the SBP paperback which was initially released, as well, so I don't really need two. E-mail me at speaksc (at) gmail (dot) com with an offer. It's not going anywhere - so no rush if you're currently strapped for cash after this most recent rebind. ;-)

  13. For NRSV single column layouts, I think it is hard to improve over the HarperOne layout for its Standard Editions. This has a beautiful single column layout for text, but a double column layout for poetic books. Nonetheless, these volumes suffer from paper that bleeds through and I doubt they are Smyth-sewn.

  14. Hi there,
    i really like what you did here, and l want to do the same to my Knox Bible. Will you post some new pics? What's the grand total, if i may ask?

    1. It cost around $150, but prices vary depending on the type of leather you go with.

  15. Rebound knox bible is this item still available for purchase ? Where can I get one

    1. You would need to purchase the Knox Bible from Baronius Press and send it to Leonard’s, where they would work with you to rebind it in a leather of your choice. Mine is not for sale.